Holy Land, Holy People

Holy Land, Holy People

Hi Friends,

For the last several days I have been on a pilgrimage throughout Israel and Palestine with nearly 150 United Methodists from Michigan included our wonderful Bishop, David Alan Bard, and his wife Julie.

I made this same pilgrimage last year. You may be wondering what could have changed so much in the course of a year so that I decided to do it again so soon? As far as the holy sites are concerned, not much at all has changed. But I have changed. My experience here last year was so meaningful and profound I had to come back. Not because of the sites alone, but because of the people. The connections I made with real people in this very real place.

Part of my experience this time has been to record a podcast at the end of each day with our Bishop, other clergy, and coming up soon a couple of our wonderful tour guides, “Fast” Jimmy Namour, and FJ (his real name is long and difficult to pronounce so he goes by FJ and says it stands for “full of joy” and he truly is).

Follow the link below to hear those conversations. Take a moment to subscribe and get notified when new episodes post.

السلام عليكم (Peace be upon you),

Pastor Mike

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