Fruitful or Firewood?

Fruitful or Firewood?

Fruitful or Firewood?
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2 Replies to “Fruitful or Firewood?”

  1. Hi Rev Mike!
    Interesting listening to your sermon. In the Lutheran church we are on the same cycle as the Methodist, so our Gospel readings are the same. We had a guest pastor today, one I’ve known for over 35 yrs., and he, like you did an excellent job on preaching about the Vine and the branches. It’s nice to hear a different look at the message. And yes, I agree, one hour each week does not keep you connected to Jesus. Thanks for a good lesson you gave in your sermon!

    1. Hi Karen. The lectionary is pretty universally consistent in the mainline denominations. In June I am planning on switching up and preaching through the book of Romans for the summer.

      Thanks for listening. We are still hoping to get reunion falafel lunch going one of these days.

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